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I paid the s/h for the sample bottles of 30 each in the Colon Cleanse and Green Tea PRO, thinking that I was just "trying" these out. Not only did the Green Tea PRO give me several boughts of a RACING heartbeat and palpatations, but 1 month later I received 1 bottle each of the Colon Flush and Green Tea Pro without me placing a requeset for a standing order for more.

There was no invoice or receipt in the shipping package. I quickly realized that my credit card had been charged $84.50, without my knowledge or consent. I have been unsuccessful in reaching a live body at the company and the website listed does not exist.

The BBB will be hearing from me regarding this company and it's business of using Oprah's name in it's advertising and scamming consumers.

Monetary Loss: $91.

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Nunica, Michigan, United States #6120

I had the same thing happen to me. I contacted my credit card company and they placed the order in a disputed status until I could return a letter they are sending to me. I am to mail the article back and keep proof of mailing (insurance, certificate of receipt) and submit copy of the mailing forms to the credit card company and they will follow up on this.

The number for Tea Life is 1-866-518-6901. I got a recorded message telling me to call back during business hours on Monday.

I will get my money refunded, somehow. I refuse to be scammed by a company like this.

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