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I e-mailed and cancelled my order and later they charged my account. I finally got to talk to a representative and he said to send back the pills.

I have seen all the complaints regarding people who sent back pills and got no refund. I am at a loss as what to do. I will have to cancell my credit card. I will never use this company again and advise all to do the same.

(Green Tea Pro)

As of 5/2/08 they have not cancelled the order and I placed the cancellation over a month ago.

Monetary Loss: $85.

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Monroe Township, New Jersey, United States #18549

Wow, this company really is the worst ever, I should have known that by giving my cc # I would be charged, but I thought it would be a ligitimate company to do business with. Live and Learn

Bedford, Texas, United States #16355

I ordered and got the FREE bottles of Tea pills and the Colon Flush. Was charged $4.95 for S&H and have still not opened the bottles.

I decided to call and cancel any further shipments but could find no Phone no. All that was in the package were the two bottles and the instruction page. The page has no name and no address or phone no. but does have an email address.

Since I could not get anyone from this Co.

I immediately called my CC company and ask them to stop any further payments to this Co. They cannot stop payments but will dispute the charges and help me get money back if further payments are taken.

Our world is full of CROOKS.

Wilma Clyde

Saint-Lambert, Quebec, Canada #15083

This is my second shipment of 84.90 the number on my credit card bill discontected me when you pushed 1 i called the phone number on the bottle talked to a mark that was snotty told me to comntact the tea life llc on line fill out the papers said what if you do not have the enternet said who now adays does not have the enternet I said i was in.between service real rude then iI called ny credit card they are going to dispute the amount doing the legal part for me sending back paid extra shiping with insurance so i have proof. Hope this helps anyone.

River Edge, New Jersey, United States #13077

Returned the product on 5/2/08 just called today 5/19/08 was advised I didn't file the return correct and now they have a bunch of paper work to do Ya right its a scam they told me they will return 60.00 cahging a 24.00 re stocking fee wish I could get the same for my services would never buy from them no matter what and plan on telling anybody that listens/ps their phone line leaves a lot to be disered

Jeddah, Makkah, Saudi Arabia #13005

I'm going through the same thing right now. I contacted my credit card company and filed a fraud complaint against this company and they are in the process of taking care of the dispute.

I received two unauthorized orders that I immediately returned with a letter explaining that I did not order them nor did I authorize the company to charge them to my credit card.

I was never able to reach a respresentative from TeaLife via phone. Every time I called the number, after entering 1 to talk to someone, I was immediately disconnected.

Oak Hill, West Virginia, United States #11393

I never authorized this comapany to bill my credit card for $84.90. Unable to make contact , but will keep trying. THIS WILL BE REPORT TO BETTER BUSINESS FOR CHARGING TO MY ACCOUNT WITHOUT MY PERMISSION .

Kent, Washington, United States #10987

last time, the green tee, me ofered pills for $ 4.95 and later they charged $89.95 and never receveid the pills, and cancel my credit card. I will never use this company again and advice to do the same. (Green tea Pro) :? :(

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